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In order to maintain our established quality, we have opted to discontinue the sale of this plant in potted rockwool, as the rooted options are of superior quality.

Floscopa scandens

originate from Asia,


F. scandens is a very suitable aquarium plant and a constant submersed grower.


Requires strong light, softer water, an acidic to neutral pH and a good CO2 supply.  


F.scandens grows an increased number of lateral shoots on trimmed stems that can be used as cuttings for propagation. It’s bright green colour contrasts beautifully against a dark backdrop or reddish and brownish plants. It represents a great plant for Dutch style or Tonina style tanks.

Floscopa scandens - Potted

Out of Stock
  • This Is the normal potted version
    is better as these plants are grown in soil and have very strong roots, making them stronger growers in your system.
    SUBMERGED is even better for aquariums – as these plants are already grown in water for you!

    Links to see if any of these are available at present:


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