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This is part of the budget range - You asked for cheaper plants even if the portions are smaller and we took up the challenge! This range of plants is locally produced smaller portions than the normal portions we normally receive. You can expect that stem plants will be at least 6 stems per pot and other portions will still enough to start a decent colony. (we are in the process of taking pictures of these portions to show you exactly what to expect) So this range is ideal for those who are shopping on a budget. We do have full portions as well and if you do not find that on the website send me an email to


Amazon swords – are mostly great accent plants that propagate through side shoots that can grow out of the water. They are a good beginner’s plant because their needs are so clearly described and if adhered to they will thrive.

What is this needs?

  • Nutrient rich soil or regular root tabs
  • MUST remove the cotton from the plant before planting
  • Moderate lighting
  • Stable water conditions
  • Limit any copper based medication as far as possible (some ICH meds use copper as active ingredient)
  • CO2 is not essential but good idea in high lighting aquariums

NOTE – They form massive root systems and this can cause other plants to suffer. An easy way to prevent this is to plant them in a reasonable size (IE 15cm – 6”) flat tray/pot, filled with good quality aqua soil, that you can burry in your substrate to hide it.


pH: 5.5-8.0


Care: Easy


Light: Moderate


Co2: Not necessary


Propagation: Adventitious shoots


Growth rate: Fast

Echinodorus ozelot GREEN - Amazon sword - Rooted

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