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At times, submerged portions may be available. Please click HERE to check current availability.


Picture 1 is part of our mother plant 

Picture 2 + 4 is submerged growth (2 was grown from our own stock)

Picture 5 is a potted plant


Juncus repens originates from swampy areas of south-east North America. This grasslike plant is rather undemanding in cultivation. It grows stems. Under unhindered light and with a good dose of micronutrients, this plant assumes a reddish-brown hue. Under moderate light, it has a pleasant green. Its moderate but constant growth makes Juncus repens an easy-to-handle plant, even though it is a little susceptible for green spot algae. It is propagated by cuttings like other stem plants.

Juncus repens - Rooted

Out of Stock
  • Rooted portions:
    These portions comes with established roots.

    Rooted portions are preferable to the standard potted version because these plants already have developed roots in the soil, simplifying the acclimatization process.

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