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Pachyphytum oviferum

Description: Pachyphytum oviferum, also known as Moonstones or Sugar Almond Plant, is a stunning succulent species valued for its distinctive, rounded leaves that resemble smooth pebbles or moonstones. It belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is native to Mexico. The leaves of Pachyphytum oviferum are thick, fleshy, and tightly packed in rosettes. They have a silvery-blue to powdery lavender coloration, which intensifies in bright light. The leaves are often covered in a powdery coating (farina), adding to their unique appearance. During the flowering season, which typically occurs in late winter to spring, it produces small star-shaped white to pale pink flowers on slender stems.

Care Tips:

  • Light:

    • Requirement: Bright, indirect light.
    • Details: Pachyphytum oviferum thrives in bright light conditions. Place it near a window where it can receive plenty of indirect sunlight. It can tolerate some direct morning sunlight but should be protected from intense afternoon sun to prevent leaf sunburn.
  • Watering:

    • Requirement: Moderate watering.
    • Details: Water Pachyphytum oviferum regularly during the active growing season (spring and summer), allowing the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Reduce watering in the winter months when growth slows down. Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to root rot.
  • Soil:

    • Requirement: Well-draining soil.
    • Details: Plant Pachyphytum oviferum in a well-draining succulent or cactus potting mix. Ensure the soil provides good drainage to prevent waterlogged conditions, which can be detrimental to the plant's health.
  • Temperature:

    • Requirement: Moderate temperatures.
    • Details: Pachyphytum oviferum prefers temperatures between 65°F to 75°F (18°C to 24°C) during the active growing season. It can tolerate slightly cooler temperatures but should be protected from frost and freezing conditions.
  • Humidity:

    • Requirement: Low humidity.
    • Details: Pachyphytum oviferum thrives in dry, low-humidity conditions. It does not require additional humidity and prefers good air circulation around the plant to prevent fungal issues.
  • Fertilizing:

    • Requirement: Minimal fertilization.
    • Details: Fertilize Pachyphytum oviferum sparingly with a balanced fertilizer diluted to half-strength every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). Avoid fertilizing during the winter months.
  • Repotting:

    • Requirement: Infrequent repotting.
    • Details: Repot Pachyphytum oviferum every 2-3 years or when it has outgrown its container. Use a slightly larger pot with adequate drainage holes to accommodate its compact rosette growth.
  • Propagation:

    • Requirement: Leaf cuttings or offsets.
    • Details: Propagate Pachyphytum oviferum from leaf cuttings by gently twisting off healthy leaves and allowing the cut ends to callous for a few days before planting them in a well-draining potting mix. Alternatively, propagate from offsets (pups) that develop around the base of the parent plant.

By following these care guidelines, you can successfully cultivate Pachyphytum oviferum (Moonstones), appreciating its unique appearance and ease of care in your succulent collection or indoor garden

Pachyphytum oviferum - 9cm pot

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