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We are the manufacturers of the Tissue Cultured plants you saw in the PLANT COOLER at your local aquatic plant store.

We are proudly South Africa, yes all the Tissue Cultured plants in the PLANT COOLER was produced in our laboratory in Pretoria.

We are not here to sell our product to you but rather to enhance your hobby experience for you. So please support your local aquarium shop, they are there to assist with everything, not only live plants.

Please feel free to brows our website and ask your shop to order the plants for you - That way you save on shipping, as they should be able to sell the plants to you at our prices.


You will notice we also do potted and loose aquarium plants.

These are also available through your local aquarium shop.


1. What is TC plants

2. What is Buce - Bucephalandra?

3. What is AABBC and why is it ideal for beginners?

4. How to clean TC plants?

All pictures are just for demonstrative purposes.