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Aquatic Plants SA
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Welcome to our botanical haven! At Aquatic Plants SA, our commitment to quality and sustainability shines through in every leaf and petal. With pride, we can proclaim that a staggering 90% of our lush plant collection is nurtured right under our own roof. Specializing in both emersed and submerged aquarium plants, enchanting terrarium greens, and vibrant pond flora, we cater to the diverse needs of plant enthusiasts across the spectrum. Join us in exploring a world where horticultural expertise meets a passion for fostering thriving ecosystems.


Aquarium plants

We're your go-to source for an incredible array of aquarium plants. Our expertise extends across various cultivation methods, from the depths of submerged aquatic growth to the beauty of emersed plants rooted in soil. Not only that, but we also delve into cutting-edge techniques, proudly producing Tissue Culture plants through meticulous micropropagation in our advanced laboratory. Join us in cultivating a thriving underwater realm where innovation meets nature's beauty.

moss variety's

Terrarium plants

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature encapsulated in glass, as we offer an extensive range of terrarium plants, meticulously cultivated in convenient plugs What sets us apart is our dedication to delivering something truly unique (a concept previously unavailable in South Africa). Join us in embracing the beauty and serenity of terrariums, where each plant tells a captivating story of the outdoors.

Pond lily's we sell

Pond plants

Our passion for aquatic flora knows no bounds, and we're here to transform your water features into breathtaking natural landscapes. With a dedication to providing the widest selection available, we invite you to explore our collection and discover the perfect pond plants and water lilies to elevate the beauty of your aquatic oasis.

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