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Lush aquascape featuring a vibrant collection of anubias plants, showcasing their unique coin-shaped leaves and robust growth, creating a naturalistic habitat for aquatic life.


Anubias is native to tropical central and western Africa. They primarily grow in rivers and streams, but can also be found in marshes. They are characterized by thick rhizome, thick leaves that come in many different forms and lately small and even micro sub species are regularly available.They have medium light requirements but need regular fertilization with iron-based supplements for optimal growth. Interestingly, most Anubias plants do not respond to CO2 supplementation. Ensure the rhizome of divided plants is always above the substrate to limit rot.Overall Anubias is very adaptable to a wide range of pH, water hardness, and lighting conditions. Anubias is an epiphytes that naturally prefer wood or rock to grow on.

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