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Unlocking the Secret: Planting Multiple Stem Plants from a Single Pot

Have you ever wondered how to stretch the potential of a single potted of stem plants to multiply its presence in your aquarium? Well, wonder no more. We're about to take you on a journey that will reveal the magic of propagating multiple stem plants from just one pot.

Setting the Stage: Experiment with Rotala

For our demonstration, we chose a potted Rotala with top cuts already done. This choice provides a versatile platform to explore various techniques and options available for propagating stem plants.

Step 1: Setting the Roots Free

Picture 2 showcases the first crucial step - freeing the plants from their pots and meticulously removing any traces of rockwool or soil from the roots. When dealing with rockwool, it's vital to keep the roots as intact as possible while ensuring no remnants of rockwool cling to the roots that are bound for the aquarium. In cases where the plant has rooted in soil, a simple water dip washes the soil away effortlessly.

Step 2: Simple Planting Method

Picture 3 illustrates the straightforward method – planting them as they are. Eight healthy stems are ready to grow in your aquarium with just this technique. But let's not stop at "good enough."

Step 3: Cut and Multiply

Pictures 4 invite us to dive into the world of multiplication. By slicing the stems into distinct sections, we unlock a world of possibilities.

Step 4: A Divided Abundance

Picture 5 unveils the result – 22 smaller plant sections, each sporting a leaf attached to a stem. Yet, for the truly adventurous souls, the journey doesn't end here.

Step 5: Dividing Further

Picture 6 reveals an even more advanced route. Divide those sections even further, and the possibilities expand to over 40 viable pieces, each brimming with potential.

Step 6: Pruning for Prosperity

Picture 7 acts as your guide, illustrating the art of trimming roots while ensuring rapid, healthy growth.

Did you catch the twist?

We intentionally showcased cuttings without leaves. In four weeks' time, these leafless nodes will teach you a valuable lesson – as long as stems and roots are robust, growth is unstoppable.

The Final Picture: Your Aquarium's Bounty

And there it is, the end result of our planting expedition. A lush array of stems destined to flourish in your aquatic haven.

Curious for the Outcome? Contact Us!

Now, are you curious to witness the marvel of our experiment four weeks from now? Send a WhatsApp message to 0612273588, and we'll make sure you're right there to witness the flourishing outcome.

Stay tuned for more green wonders and growth adventures! 🌱🌿🌱

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