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Rooted mean that this plant was cultivated in soil and sent to you in soil

Why do we offer this plant in soil?

Our research here at our facility reveals that plants previously grown in soil adapt more quickly to aquatic environments compared to those cultivated in regular rockwool pots. We attribute this to the closer resemblance to their natural evolutionary conditions.


What's the alternative to soil-planted plants?

  • The standard option is plants potted in rockwool, commonly available at your local aquatic store.
  • Additionally, during the summer months, we also provide submerged plants for most species.


Link to this plant submerged - if available




  • Bacopa caroliniana is a VERY HARDY addition to an aquarium and only need clean water with loads of nutrition.
  • Good mid and background plants
  • Stem tips can be cut and replanted.



Leafs are small, elongated and green around a single stem.



The addition of CO2 is NOT ESSENTIAL at all but can be used if already available.

Lighting is follow along the same lines with the extra benefit that the stem length (space between leaves on the stem) will be shorter in plants that receive better lighting, making them seem more bushy.


Adaptation/transition period

All plants need to adapt to their new environment and leaf loss is expected, because the plant need to produce new leaves that can live under the new conditions and need to lose the old leaves. Sometimes to the point that you only have stems left, but don’t despair the plant is not dead, just wait for the new leaves to appear


Tips on how to assist the plant through this period:

  • Wash gel off in a jug of aquarium water to prevent chlorine shock
  • Ensure good water quality
  • Remove dead leaves and stem as they appear
  • Use a good quality plant food additive AND use according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Do regular water changes, up to 30% per week if you introduced a lot of plants



This is not normally a problem after the plant adapted to your aquarium. Should you experience rot and or melting ensure the following:

  • Water temperature is correct & not fluctuating
  • You are not overdosing with an additive
  • Poor water quality can also lead to melting and rot.
  • Anaerobic conditions in the substrate (due to incorrect maintenance) will lead to death of the plants


Please do more research to ensure you understand all the needs of plants in your care, it is just good all around.


Remember our pictures might not represent the final plant colours in your aquarium as all your aquarium conditions will combine to influence the plant in your aquarium. But is a good representation of what you could expect.

Bacopa caroliniana - Rooted

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  • WHAT IS even BETTER?

    This is a well rooted plant, grown in soil for stronger roots and better health, THE ONLY option that might be better is the SUBMERGED version – as these plants are already grown in water for you!

    Links to see if submerged plants are available at present:


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