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Introducing Dionaea muscipula "All Red Fused" a captivating and distinctive cultivar of the Venus Flytrap. Renowned for its unique and mesmerizing features, this particular variety is a testament to the fascinating world of carnivorous plants.


Key Features:

Striking Coloration: The "All Red Fused" variety boasts a vivid and uniform red hue, setting it apart from other Venus Flytrap cultivars. The intense red coloration adds an extra layer of allure to this already intriguing plant.

Distinctive Traps: Witness the captivating spectacle of tightly fused trap lobes, giving the appearance of an almost seamless, red-hued mouth awaiting its unsuspecting prey. This feature enhances the plant's aesthetic appeal, making it a standout addition to any carnivorous plant collection.

Carnivorous Nature: Like all Venus Flytraps, the "All Red Fused" is a carnivorous plant that captures and digests insects for nutrients. Its traps are equipped with sensitive trigger hairs, ensuring a fascinating and interactive display when prey is ensnared.

Manageable Size: With a compact and manageable size, this cultivar is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Whether as a captivating desktop companion or an outdoor conversation piece, "All Red Fused" adapts well to various environments.

Low Maintenance: Despite its carnivorous nature, caring for the "All Red Fused" is relatively straightforward. Provide it with a sunny location, use distilled water, and let it bask in its natural charm.


Bring the extraordinary world of carnivorous plants into your collection with Dionaea muscipula "All Red Fused." Elevate your botanical experience with this visually stunning and captivating cultivar that adds a touch of nature's wonder to any space.


We ship this as a rooted unpotted plant for space, weight and prevention of damage purposes.
Pickups - an extra R12-00 is added for the pot and soil mix.

Dionaea muscipula "All Red Fused"- Venus Fly Trap - select a size

PriceFrom R75.00
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