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Introducing Dionaea muscipula "Giant Cudo," a remarkable and larger-than-life cultivar of the Venus Flytrap that promises to command attention in any carnivorous plant collection. This unique variety is distinguished by its impressive size and captivating features, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking a bold and eye-catching addition.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Size: True to its name, "Giant Cudo" lives up to its reputation by showcasing an impressive size that sets it apart from standard Venus Flytrap varieties. Its robust growth and substantial traps make it a commanding presence in any setting.

  • Distinctive Traps: Marvel at the unique traps of "Giant Cudo," characterized by their size and striking coloration. Each trap is a work of nature's art, offering an interactive and visually captivating display.

  • Carnivorous Nature: As a Venus Flytrap, "Giant Cudo" maintains its carnivorous instincts, capturing and digesting insects with its specialized traps. Experience the fascinating spectacle of prey being ensnared by this larger-than-life cultivar.

  • Native Origin: Originating from the coastal plains of southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina, "Giant Cudo" carries the essence of its natural habitat into your collection.

  • Adaptable Growth: With a life cycle marked by perennial tendencies and winter dormancy, this Venus Flytrap is well-suited to temperate climates. Its erect growth and unique features make it an adaptable and resilient addition to your plant repertoire.

Elevate your carnivorous plant collection with Dionaea muscipula "Giant Cudo," a testament to nature's grandeur and the captivating world of Venus Flytraps. Embrace the extraordinary size, distinctive traps, and innate carnivorous charm of this remarkable cultivar.


We ship this as a rooted unpotted plant for space, weight and prevention of damage purposes.
Pickups - an extra R12-00 is added for the pot and soil mix.

Dionaea muscipula "Giant Cudo"- Venus Fly Trap - Select a size

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