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Dwarf Flatback Millipede Terrarium Care Sheet


Welcome to the world of caring for Dwarf Flatback Millipedes! These fascinating creatures can thrive in a terrarium environment if given the right conditions and care.
They are detritus feeders and are a good addition to work as a cleaning crew in your terrarium.
Below are guidelines to help you create a suitable habitat and ensure the well-being of your millipedes:


Terrarium Setup:

Enclosure Size: Add only 1 or 2 in small terrariums to limit overcrowding, remove extra baby’s if needed.

Substrate: Use a mix of organic soil, coconut coir, and leaf litter to create a moist and well-draining substrate. This will mimic their natural forest floor environment.

Hiding Places: Millipedes are nocturnal and enjoy hiding during the day.

Humidity: Maintain a humidity level of around 70-80% in the enclosure. Mist the substrate as needed to keep it damp but not waterlogged. IE – Closed terrariums are the best

Lighting: Not needed

Feeding: Provide a varied diet of decaying leaves and they will also eat dead leaves and other materials. The millipedes will feed on this as well as break down the leaves, aiding in decomposition and recycling of plant material.

Calcium Source: a Calcium source for moulting millipedes like Crushed eggshells or cuttlebone can be provided for stronger exoskeleton formation. Leave old exoskeletons in the enclosure as a calcium source.

Caution: Handling: While Dwarf Flatback Millipedes are generally harmless, they can release a defensive fluid that may cause skin irritation. Handle them with care and avoid unnecessary handling.


Creating a suitable terrarium habitat for Dwarf Flatback Millipedes can be both educational and rewarding. With proper care and attention, you'll be able to enjoy the unique behaviours and interactions of these amazing creatures.


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