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Echinodorus osiris rubra differ from other amazon swords in the following aspects:

  • Stem – medium
  • Leaf form/shape –  semi wavy round Oval
  • Leaf size – medium
  • Leaf colouration – leaves coloured from red/ bronze to green all depending on your aquarium conditions
  • Height – 25cm + (10” +) and regular pruning can keep them this small

Special note – if you want intense red colouration. You need to have good lighting, feeding and extra Fe = Iron supplement


Amazon swords – are mostly great accent plants that propagate through side shoots that can grow out of the water. They are a good beginner’s plant because their needs are so clearly described and if adhered to they will thrive.

What is this needs?

  • Nutrient rich soil or regular root tabs
  • MUST remove the cotton from the plant before planting
  • Moderate lighting
  • Stable water conditions
  • Limit any copper based medication as far as possible (some ICH meds use copper as active ingredient)
  • CO2 is not essential but good idea in high lighting aquariums

NOTE – They form massive root systems and this can cause other plants to suffer. An easy way to prevent this is to plant them in a reasonable size (IE 15cm – 6”) flat tray/pot, filled with good quality aqua soil, that you can burry in your substrate to hide it.


pH: 5.5-8.0


Care: Easy


Light: Moderate


Co2: Not necessary


Propagation: Adventitious shoots


Growth rate: Fast

Echinodorus osiris rubra - Amazon sword - Potted

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