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care sheet for Hygrophila corymbosa stricta, a popular aquatic plant species:

Species name: Hygrophila corymbosa stricta


Common names: Temple plant, Strict Hygrophila, Tall Hygro

Description: Hygrophila corymbosa stricta is a versatile and hardy aquatic plant species that is native to Southeast Asia. It is known for its tall, upright growth habit with dense clusters of bright green leaves. The leaves are lanceolate in shape and have serrated edges. Under optimal conditions, Hygrophila corymbosa stricta can grow up to 24 inches (60 cm) in height, making it an excellent background or midground plant in aquariums.

Water parameters:

  • Temperature: 72-82°F (22-28°C)
  • pH: 6.0-8.0
  • Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water (2-15 dKH)

Lighting requirements: Hygrophila corymbosa stricta prefers moderate to high lighting. It requires at least 2-3 watts per gallon of aquarium lighting, or approximately 10-12 hours of light per day. LED or fluorescent lights with a color temperature of around 6500K are ideal for promoting healthy growth and vibrant coloration.

Nutrient requirements: Like most aquatic plants, Hygrophila corymbosa stricta requires essential nutrients for healthy growth. It benefits from a nutrient-rich substrate or the addition of root tabs to provide essential nutrients to its roots. Additionally, it requires regular dosing of a complete liquid fertilizer containing macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) as well as micronutrients (iron, magnesium, and trace elements).

CO2 supplementation: Hygrophila corymbosa stricta can grow well without supplemental CO2 injection, but it will benefit from CO2 supplementation in higher light setups. CO2 supplementation will promote faster growth and more vibrant coloration. If CO2 is provided, it is important to maintain consistent levels between 20-30 ppm to prevent fluctuations that can cause stress to the plant.

Planting and propagation: Hygrophila corymbosa stricta can be easily propagated by stem cuttings. Simply cut a healthy stem with leaves from the parent plant and plant it into the substrate. It will readily root and establish new growth. It can also be propagated by allowing the plant to form lateral shoots, which can be separated and replanted. It is a fast grower and can quickly fill out the background of an aquarium.

Tank placement and care:

  • Hygrophila corymbosa stricta can be placed in the background or midground of the aquarium to create a lush green backdrop or to provide hiding spots for fish.
  • It prefers moderate water flow to promote healthy growth, but can tolerate gentle to moderate water movement.
  • Prune regularly to control its height and promote bushier growth.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of nutrient deficiencies such as yellowing or stunted growth, and adjust fertilization accordingly.
  • Regular water changes of 25-50% every week or two are recommended to maintain water quality and nutrient balance.

Compatibility: Hygrophila corymbosa stricta is a versatile plant that can thrive in a wide range of aquarium setups. It is compatible with most freshwater tropical fish and invertebrates, but avoid keeping it with herbivorous fish that may nibble on the leaves. It can also be used in aquascapes with other aquatic plants, creating a stunning green contrast with different leaf shapes and colors.

In conclusion, Hygrophila corymbosa stricta is a beautiful and versatile aquarium plant that can thrive in a variety of aquatic setups

Hygrophila corymbosa stricta - Potted

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