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This is tissue cultured plants in a wet medium. the purpose is to grow the plants already submerged and therefore they adapt to your aquarium very easily, because they don't need to transform from emersed to submerged conditions, they are already there!!! This is a Limnophila sp. but experimentation is already on the way with other species as well. lets hope that we are successful with more species :) For those of you that are doing tissue culture already. This is not just the same medium as the solid medium we use. We needed to adjust the hormones and MS, as well as the sucrose, to achieve this beautiful growth.


This plant is in liquid and we found that this extend the shelve live of Juncus repens dramticaly!! 

And still retain the plants clean environement as if it is in the sterile gel


Juncus repens originates from swampy areas of south-east North America. This grasslike plant is rather undemanding in cultivation. It grows stems. Under unhindered light and with a good dose of micronutrients, this plant assumes a reddish-brown hue. Under moderate light, it has a pleasant green. Its moderate but constant growth makes Juncus repens an easy-to-handle plant, even though it is a little susceptible for green spot algae. It is propagated by cuttings like other stem plants.

Juncus repens, commonly known as creeping rush or carpet rush, is a freshwater plant species that can be grown in aquariums. Here is a care sheet for Juncus repens in aquariums:Lighting: Juncus repens requires moderate to high lighting levels in aquariums. It is recommended to provide at least 2 watts of light per gallon of water to promote healthy growth.Substrate: Juncus repens can be planted in a nutrient-rich substrate such as aqua soil or a mixture of gravel and sand. The substrate should be at least 2 inches deep to provide enough space for the roots to grow.Water parameters: Juncus repens prefers slightly acidic to neutral water with a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5. It also thrives in soft to moderately hard water with a GH range of 4 to 10.Fertilization: Juncus repens requires regular fertilization to promote healthy growth. It is recommended to use a complete liquid fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as trace elements such as iron.CO2 supplementation: Juncus repens can benefit from the addition of CO2 in the aquarium. A CO2 injection system can be used to provide a constant supply of CO2 to the plants.Water circulation: Juncus repens requires good water circulation to prevent the buildup of debris and algae. A powerhead or circulation pump can be used to create a gentle flow of water in the aquarium.Pruning: Juncus repens can be trimmed regularly to maintain its shape and promote healthy growth. It is recommended to prune the plant back to about half its height every few weeks.Compatibility: Juncus repens is a relatively peaceful plant that can be kept with a variety of fish and invertebrates. It is important to avoid keeping herbivorous fish species that may eat the plant.By following these care guidelines, Juncus repens can thrive in an aquarium and provide a beautiful carpet of greenery for the aquascape.

TC Juncus repens - wet 100ml

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