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Embark on the enchanting journey of terrarium creation with our Small Terrarium Starter Kit – the perfect introduction for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Whether you're looking to initiate your own green haven or searching for an ideal gift, this kit is the answer to your botanical aspirations.


Why is it an ideal gift, you ask? Well, everyone has that special friend or family member who harbors a desire to delve into the world of terrariums but is unsure where to begin. Imagine the joy on their face when they receive this thoughtful and complete small starter kit, providing them with everything they need to kickstart their miniature ecosystem.


This carefully curated kit is designed to make the process seamless and enjoyable. From the tiniest details to the overall design, we've taken care of it all. And, if you're aiming for a grander gesture, explore our Medium Terrarium Starter Kit or Large Terrarium Starter Kit, offering expanded possibilities for those seeking to create verdant landscapes on a larger scale.


Gift or get started – either way, our Small Terrarium Starter Kit is your passport to cultivating a piece of nature within the confines of your living space.


What's Inside:

  • The beautifully packaged box is ready for gifting. Just add a card and a bow for the perfect presentation.
  • A closed glass terrarium to house your miniature ecosystem.
  • Three distinct "soils" essential for a thriving terrarium (refer to instructions below).
  • Springtails, aiding in for maintenance and contributing to fungus control.
  • Robust starter plants to kick off your terrarium journey.
  • Moss for the perfect finishing touch.
  • A mini mister for controlled watering.


Terrarium Care Guide

    Getting Started:

    A. Begin by cleaning the glass jar.

    B. Add Soil 1 to the bottom and level it off.

    C. Layer Soil 2 on top of Soil 1, ensuring a level surface.

    D. Add Soil 3 according to your landscaping preferences.

    E. Lightly spray the soil until it is damp—exercise caution, avoiding excessive moisture.

    F. Dip the plants in water and arrange them as desired.

    G. Introduce the moss as the final aesthetic touch.


    Maintenance Tips:

    • Place the terrarium in an area that receives light but avoid direct sunlight.
    • After 24 hours, check for condensation on the glass without water pooling at the bottom.
    • Use the mini mister to add water as needed, being mindful not to overwater.
    • Repeat step 3 every 24 hours until a slight indication of vapor appears at the bottom, then discontinue.


    Overwatered Terrarium? The scourge of many

    Here's What to Do: If you accidentally overwater your terrarium:

    • Open the lid for 15 to 30 minutes to allow excess moisture to escape.
    • Give the plant leaves a gentle mist with the mini mister.
    • Repeat this process twice a day until the excess water has dissipated.



    Terrarium starter kit - SMALL

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