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The WHITE "alba" Cape sundew, also known as Drosera capensis alba, is a stunning carnivorous plant that will make a unique addition to any plant collection. This plant boasts delicate, white-colored leaves that are capable of luring, trapping, and digesting insects. In terms of general care, the WHITE "alba" Cape sundew requires plenty of sunlight, preferably at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day. It also thrives in high humidity and should be watered regularly with distilled water to avoid mineral buildup. When grown in a terrarium, these plants should be kept in a well-draining soil mix and provided with ample humidity and bright, indirect light. Regular misting is also essential to keep the terrarium environment moist and suitable for the sundew's needs. With the proper care and environment, the WHITE "alba" Cape sundew will flourish and add a touch of otherworldly beauty to any terrarium.

WHITE "alba" Cape sundew - Drosera capensis alba

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