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In an attempt to get affordable and RARE plants we imported these from their source in the Congo.


MAKING THIS ANUBIAS UNIQUE IS - The rootstalk of the plant develops under ground, so the plant should be buried deep enough when being planted.


This Anubias species has high ornamental properties,

It has a shortened rootstalk, that’s why the plant appearance more resembles cryptocorynes and Echinodorus.

Its leaves are lanceolate, sharpened and elongated.

This is one of the Malawi Cichlid friendly plants –

My experience is that the Peacock totally ignore it and Mbuna only uproot them when they are in spots they want to dig in, except when they eat algae off the leafs.

Other cichlids might uproot them when digging but most leave them alone, I speculate it is due to the bitter taste and thickness/toughness of the leafs.

Anubias afzelli ROOTED potted

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