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Due to demand we will launce a mix with Activated carbon added as an extra. 

To calculate how many bags you need here is a estimated volume CALCULATED ON THE DIAMETER of the bottom of your bowl:
1 bag = 9cm
2 bags = 12.5cm

3 bags = 15.5 cm

4 bags = 18 cm

5 bags = 20 cm

This is an estimate calculated on surface area and should be adjusted if needed.


This terrarium soil blend comprises:


  • Inert quartz sand for efficient bottom drainage. (bottom of picture)
  • Activated carbon, serving as a protective cap for quartz, water purification and aiding in drainage. (second from the bottom)
  • Sterilized soil mix, a meticulous mixture to enhance your terrarium and sterilized to prevent unintended seed or pest introduction. (Large part second from the top)
  • A fine soil top layer, bestowing the upper surface with a velvety, vibrant appearance. (Top part)

Complete CLOSED terrarium soil mix for up to .75 liter terrariums

Only 5 left in stock
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