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The GIANT Fork-leaved Sundew, also known as Drosera binata dichotoma extrema, is a magnificent carnivorous plant native to Australia and New Zealand.
Its unique forked leaves and distinctive red carnivorous traps make it a fascinating addition to any carnivorous plant collection.

To care for the GIANT Fork-leaved Sundew, it requires bright light, so placing it near a sunny window or under a grow light is ideal. It also needs to be kept consistently moist, so watering with distilled water or rainwater is recommended to prevent mineral build-up in the soil.
The plant thrives in high humidity and can benefit from misting or being placed on a humidity tray. Additionally, it is essential to feed the GIANT Fork-leaved Sundew with live insects, as it relies on them for essential nutrients.

Overall, the GIANT Fork-leaved Sundew is a low-maintenance carnivorous plant, as long as its basic needs for light, water, humidity, and insect feeding are met. With proper care, this striking plant will reward you with its unique and otherworldly beauty.

"GIANT Fork-leaved Sundew" - Drosera binata dichotoma extrema

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