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Ludwigia brevipes 'Green' also known as Ludwigia brevipes 'Brocklee Green' is an aquatic plant of the family Onagraceae. It is a small, stem plant that is native to the Americas.

This plant can be found in a variety of habitats, including still and slow-moving waters, marshes, and swamps. It is a hardy and adaptable plant that can grow in a range of water conditions, including both fresh and brackish water.

The 'Green' variety is a fast-growing plant that can reach a height of 20-40 cm (8-16 inches) and width of 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2 inches) with bright green leaves. It is a popular choice for aquascaping and aquaria as it adds a vibrant green color and leafy texture to the underwater landscape.

In terms of care, Ludwigia brevipes 'Green' is not demanding and can be grown under a range of lighting conditions, from low to high. It is generally considered to be a low-maintenance plant that is easy to propagate through stem cuttings. It can also be grown emersed, that is, with the leaves above water in a terrarium or paludarium setup.

It is important to note that like most aquatic plants, it needs a good amount of light and nutrient-rich substrate. It will also benefit from regular fertilization and pruning to promote bushier growth.

Ludwigia brocklee GREEN - Potted

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  • This Is the normal potted version
    is better as these plants are grown in soil and have very strong roots, making them stronger growers in your system.
    SUBMERGED is even better for aquariums – as these plants are already grown in water for you!

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