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Senecio curio radicans, also known as String of Bananas or Oval Bead Senecio, is a trailing succulent that can make a beautiful addition to a terrarium. Here are a few things to consider when growing this plant in a terrarium:

  • Lighting: Senecio curio radicans prefers bright, indirect light. Placing your terrarium in a location that receives filtered sunlight, or using artificial grow lights, can help provide the necessary light.

  • Humidity: This plant prefers moderate humidity levels. A well-ventilated terrarium can provide a suitable growing environment.

  • Soil: Senecio curio radicans prefers well-draining soil that is not too rich in organic matter. A mix of succulent or cactus potting mix and perlite can provide the necessary drainage.

  • Watering: This plant is drought-tolerant and prefers to dry out between waterings. Water only when the soil is completely dry, and be careful not to overwater as it can cause root rot.

  • Size: Senecio curio radicans can trail and spread, so it's important to choose a larger terrarium or provide support for the plant to grow vertically.

Overall, Senecio curio radicans can make a great addition to a terrarium as long as it is provided with the proper lighting, soil, and watering conditions. A well-ventilated terrarium can provide a suitable growing environment for this trailing succulent.

String of bananas - Senecio curio radicans - per string

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