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At times, submerged portions may be available. Please click HERE to check current availability.


What a stunning plant - if you look at the difference between emersed and submerged leaf forms!!!


Water Cabbage or sometimes called the lake cress, is also known as Armoracia aquatica and is an undemanding plant that prefers lower temperatures with moderate lighting and a nutrient-rich substrate.  It is a small, rosette plant with interesting leaves which can vary in shape and size depending on growing conditions. Making it a nice foreground plant


Like many other stem plants, this plant can grow both emersed and submerged.  It is a fast grower and can require frequent trimming when kept under high light with Co2 and the addition of fertilizers.  Like most stem plants, propagation can be done simply by cutting along the stem and replanting the cuttings.


It is normal for this plant to sheding mature leaves. this should not be discarded ans it can go on to produce roots and form new growth (fresh leaves and roots) similar to Water Wisteria.

Water Cabbage - Rorippa aquatica - Rooted

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  • Rooted portions:
    These portions comes with established roots.

    Rooted portions are preferable to the standard potted version because these plants already have developed roots in the soil, simplifying the acclimatization process.

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