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Micropropagation of plants


Currently we specialise in AQUARIUM PLANTS and produce them in tissue culture / micropropagation in our LABORATORY based in Pretoria South Africa.

But to get stock to introduce we need to regularly import specialised plants and normal plants like Buce (Buceplants / Bucephalandra), Anubias and Cryptocorynes (Crypto's / Crypt / Crypto)

In the near future we will start to produce rare and difficult to propagated house plants as well.


Our dream - to become the BEST tissue culture laboratory in South Africa before 2022. To reach this BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL We started in 2017 with studying, experimenting and training with tropical aquarium plants. Currently, we are very proficient with this project and started selling these plants in the South African market through 2 selected wholesalers (Epic Aquatic & Ad Astra). 2020 will see our tropical range being exported as well. Currently, we are starting to identify terrestrial plants we can produce for the South African plant market and invite all rare plant owners and nurseries to contact us with plants they want us to cultivate for them.

Why start with tropical aquarium plants?

In 2016/17 I was looking for invitro / tissue cultured / micropropagation plants for my pet shops, none of the importers were able to assist me and I decided to look into the possibility of producing this locally. Unable to find a laboratory that was willing to take on this task, I decided to do it myself. An American wholesaler initially indicated that they will also be interested and therefore it was not a question of if it is possible but ONLY a question of HOW?

I personally studied 24/7 till in late 2017 when I decided that I am ready to make the investment and in 2018 I JUMPED IN FEET FIRST and built a small laboratory with 5 laminar flow hoods, a production room that can produce 800+ cups per day and a plant growth room capable of handling close to 60 000 cups.

Today our growth room is filled 70%+ and in the future we will have to invest in a much bigger setup, but now the experimentation is done, protocols are tried and tested, systems are in place, and most importantly the staff members are trained.




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