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These are aquarium plants that can grow on a hard surface and not in the gravel, they actually prefer a hard substrate. 

Most species that fall into the category of "epiphyte" are very robust and undemanding aquatic plants, which also get along with low light and little nutrients.



Foreground plants are plants that stay small and some even form carpets, they greatly influence how your aquarium looks.



These plants are usually taller than foreground plants but not as big as background plants. They help to add more texture to your tank.



Background plants are generally the largest plants in the aquarium, and are situated at the back and in corners to create a beautiful backdrop to your tank.


Beginners plants are easy to take care of, resilient, and do not need an experienced hand. They can survive in low technology tanks, with just the bare minimum of supplements, and will survive a reasonable range of water conditions.



Intermediate plants are plants that can be killed by inexperienced hobbyists and also hobbyists that don’t want to add regular plant food and supplements.



Plants that fall into this category usually have very specific needs that if not met could cause the plant to lose it lustre or even die. Specialized care comes in the form of special soil and water parameters and circulation, finite growth potential and rigorous light control.


Low light

These plants will not have you forking over a lot on expensive lights that will provide very bright, crisp light. These plants thrive in low light environments and work great at the bottom of a really deep tank.

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